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Past Work

Hallbar Consulting has worked in the field of biogas, nutrient management and sustainability for the past decade, undertaking a wide variety of different projects for our clients. Below are just a few examples.


Hallbar Consulting has been working with Dicklands Biogas in Chilliwack, B.C., to develop Canada’s largest on-farm biogas plant, and the first in North America to convert digestate into drinking water. Work has included technology selection, contract negotiations, regulatory approval and project management.

Dicklands Biogas

B.C. Biogas Benchmarking Study

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Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to develop an easy-to-use tool for farmers to assess the economic feasibility of building their own on-farm biogas plant to produce renewable natural gas and facilitate digestate nutrient management. This Study can be found here.

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Hallbar Consulting worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, hired by the B.C. Provincial government and B.C. Bioenergy Network, to complete an analysis of the economic, social, environmental, and technological potential of B.C.’s bioenergy sector.

Revitalization of B.C.'s Bioenergy Sector

Seabreeze Farm's Biogas Plant

Seabreeze 2.jpg

Hallbar Consulting has been working with Seabreeze Farm to optimize their existing biogas plant by installing a new biogas upgrader, re-negotiating their renewable natural gas contract, expanding capacity, and implementing a new operating and management plan.

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Hallbar Consulting worked with Village Farms (B.C.’s largest greenhouse) to assess technologies capable of using the CO2 from LFG in greenhouse cultivation. Hallbar also secured Village Farms $1.82 million funding to implement the technology. Study and funding announcements can be found here and here. 

Village Farms' Landfill Gas Carbon Dioxide Utilization

On-Farm Biogas Handbook

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Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to create an on-farm biogas handbook to educate B.C. farmers about biogas technology principles and costs, and the needs and requirements of taking a biogas plant from concept to commissioning. This Handbook can be found here.


Hallbar Consulting, in conjunction with the Canadian Biogas Association, organises a yearly biogas conference in western Canada. Now in its eleventh year, this conference attracts over 200 attendees from across Canada, the United States and Europe. Information about the Conference can be found here.

Value of Biogas Conference

Resource Supply Potential for RNG in B.C.


Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to quantify the technical and economic potential of renewable natural gas production in B.C. Results from this Study were used to develop B.C.’s existing renewable natural gas policy framework. This Study can be found here.

Assessment Bar Chart Pie Chart Statistics.jpg

Hallbar Consulting has conducted numerous biogas plant feasibility assessments for utilities, dairy, cattle and poultry farmers, municipalities and First Nations. These assessments are a great way to determine the feasibility of building a biogas plant before moving forward with engineering.  

Biogas Plant Feasibility Assessments

Greenhouse Gas Calculator

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Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to create an interactive biogas and composting greenhouse gas calculation tool to enable government agencies to assess project level greenhouse gas mitigation potential. This Calculator can be found here.


Hallbar Consulting undertook assessment of the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential from growing feed locally using newly developed technology to replace imported feed. This work formed part of a published scientific paper, which can be found here.

Hydroponic Fodder Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Manure Phosphorus Extraction Using Centrifuge


Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to assess the suitability of using a centrifuge to extract phosphorus from dairy manure, thereby enabling alignment with future nutrient management regulations. This Assessment be found here.

Cow Power  0017.jpg

Hallbar Consulting was hired by the B.C. Provincial government to undertake a review of innovative technologies and equipment potentially suitable for the concentration, transportation and sale of nutrients from dairy manure and digestate. This Review can be found here.

Nutrient Concentration Technology Review

RNG Supply Chain Enhancement

Business planning, E learning concept. Casual business man writing on notebook and working

Hallbar Consulting was contracted by the B.C. Bioenergy Network and Foresight to help facilitate a challenge for improving the economics of the renewable natural gas supply chain through identification and assessment of innovative and pre-commercialised nutrient recovery technologies.


UNBC Cash & Bioenergy Crop Feasibility Study

Hallbar Consulting was hired by the University of Northern British Columbia to conduct a crop feasibility study, evaluating the suitability of growing specialty and alternative crops in the Bulkley Nechako Regional District in an effort to encourage agricultural production. This Study can be found here.

Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program

Hallbar Consulting developed an Agri-tech Venture Acceleration Program implementation strategy to promote agriculture technology innovation and commercialization for start-up and early stage agri-tech technology entrepreneurs in the Fraser Valley.

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