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What We Do

Hallbar Consulting has worked in the field of biogas, nutrient management and sustainability for the past decade. Here are some examples of what we do.

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Project Conceptualization

By combining our expertise and integrated systems thinking, we help our clients formulate their abstract notions, ideas, thoughts and concepts into clearly defined, achievable  projects with tangible, desirable deliverables and outcomes.

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Feasibility Assessments

We use our experience and knowledge to assess the realistic technical and economic feasibility of project ideas. These feasibility assessments provide our clients with the confidence and certainty they need before deciding to commit.

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Research & Studies

Through a combination of our expertise and vast knowledge network, we undertake a wide variety of research and studies for our clients; from investigations, assessments, estimations and evaluations, to strategies, reviews and more.

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Project Management

By combining our expertise and strong organizational capabilities, we undertake and manage a multitude of different projects for our clients; ranging from small, simple projects, to highly complex, large, multi-million dollar projects.

Technology Due Diligence

Correct technology choice is critical to success. We use our expertise to identify best available technologies, irrespective of type or supplier, to maximise our client’s opportunities or overcome challenges they face.

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Contract Negotiations

Through a combination of our knowledge, awareness and experience, we negotiate contracts for our clients that mitigate risk and provide them with the performance guarantees, protection and assurances they need.

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Funding & Grant Applications

Projects and technologies often require financial support to be economically feasible. By identifying and applying to appropriate programs, to date we have secured our clients over $10 million in non-repayable funding and grants.

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Regulatory Approvals & Permitting

Our experience with federal, provincial and local regulatory regimes enables us to efficiently and quickly secure our clients the licenses, permits, approvals, authorizations, text amendments or rezoning the require.

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System Optimization

Through biological, technological and operational analysis, we provide our clients with appropriate, practical improvements and adjustments to optimize their system, no matter its past performance or current configuration.

To find out how Hallbar Consulting can help you, contact us now!

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